More than any other area of the law, Immigration Law undergoes continuous change, especially in its regulatory component. While the Canadian government seeks to attract those persons who are most likely to succeed and contribute to society, often many perfectly qualified candidates are refused admission, because of the way selection criteria are applied. Our most valuable service is to protect your rights when you are qualified.


First we identify potential immigrants by conducting a preliminary assessment. Candidates may fill in the required biographical information online or at our offices, or send their CV’s by e-mail, fax or post. We will assess your qualifications completely free of charge. If you are deemed qualified, we will proceed further by providing you a full supporting package including original application forms and instructions and guidelines. At this stage, you will become one of our registered clients. Our experts will guide you through the process of collecting your supporting documents, including passport, photographs, bank statements, police clearance and certificates for work experience, education or training, birth, marriage, educational credential assessment report etc. For business applicants, additional business licenses, audit reports, histories of acquisition etc., might also be required. Upon receiving your portfolio with supporting documents (along with the processing fee payable to the Canadian Government and our Professional fee), we will review and submit your file to Canada Immigration.


We will endeavour as far as possible to exempt you from a personal interview. If you are required to attend one, however, we will prepare you for it thoroughly, by means of interview workshops, mock interviews and by providing you with all relevant information (including probable questions and answers).


Following a successful interview or an approval without a personal interview, you will be required to remit the Right of Permanent Residence Fee to the Canadian Government, along with Professional fee of ILCB as mentioned in Fee Structure.