HUNGARY Immigrant Investor Program

    •  Investment: EUR€ 300,000 in Govt. bond

    •  Financing Option: None

    •  Physical Residency Requirement: None

    •  Citizenship Requirement: After 8 years of Permanent Residence status

    •  Processing Time: 3-6 months

    •  Visa free Travel: 150 countries


Hungary is a member European Union and Schengen zone. So, Hungary is among the most visited destinations on the world. The area of Hungary is 93,028 Sq. Km. Its diversified culture and universal health care system and central European location make it an ideal destination.


Benefits for temporary residence (annually renewable permit):


    •  Government-approved investment in bonds;

    •  Special exemption from physical residence is applied to the main applicant and all qualifying family members;

    •  Fast application process. All qualifying applicants receive a Hungarian ID for temporary residency (TR) in less than three months, giving them the right to travel freely throughout the Schengen zone.


Benefits for permanent residence:


   •  A single application process for the main applicant and all qualifying family members, with no mandatory trips to Hungary required;

   •  A fast and facilitated application process for permanent residency. Applicants and their family members can apply for permanent residency just six months after receiving their TR cards;

   •  Inclusion of dependents under 18 at the time of PR application approval;

   •  Free movement throughout the Schengen zone.




The statutory procedure for accepted foreign direct investment in the Investor Residency Bond Program includes the purchase of special Hungarian government bonds in the amount of EUR€300,000 with a maturity of five years. At maturity, the original capital is returned to the investor without accrued interest.