PORTUGAL Golden Residence Visa Program

    •  Investment: EUR € 500,000 (real estate) OR EUR €1,000,000 (for 5 years)
    •  Financing Option: None
    •  Physical Residency Requirement: Minimum 7 days per year
    •  Citizenship Requirement: After 6 years of successful maintenance of Golden Residence Visa
    •  Processing Time: 3-6 months
    •  Visa free Travel: 71countries

Portugal is located between Spain and the Atlantic Ocean. It is a member of European Union and Schengen area. Its Population is 10.5 m. Languages are Portuguese and English. Currency is Euro (EUR).

Eligibility criteria:
    •  A valid passport and residency in a country
    •  Minimum 25 years age
    •  Purchase 500,000 Euros of property in Portugal OR make a 1,000,000 Euro deposit in a Portuguese bank (for minimum 5 years)
    • Pass a due diligence check

Real estate: EUR 500,000 + purchase fee OR
Bank: EUR 1,000,000
Processing time: 30 days from the date of submission to Government
Interview: No interview is required. Only an exploratory visit is required

   • Visa free travel to 71 countries in Europe
   • Minimum residency requirement 1 week per year
   • No net worth requirement
   • No minimum education level
   • No source of fund requirement
   • No language and Management experience requirement
   • Dependent children under 18 or over who are regular students
   • May apply for citizenship after 6 years
   • Real estate may be sold and bank investment redeemed after citizenship obtained
   • Portuguese passports allow the family to travel, live and work throughout the European Union

Note: Residency must be renewed at year 1, year 3 and year 5.


•    Govt. Fees EUR € 21,303.87 (for family of 4);