QUEBEC Investor Program

Net Worth Requirement: CDN$ 1600,00
Investment: CDN$ 800,000
Financing Option: CDN$ 220,000
Physical Residency Requirement: 2 years with in a period of 5 years for PR renewal
Citizenship Requirement: Eligible after physically residing in Canada for at least 4 years with in a period of 6 years
Processing Time: 18-24 months
Visa free Travel: 190 countries

The Immigrant Investor Program was introduced by the Quebec Government for business people wishing to obtain Permanent Residency quickly and efficiently. The Investor Program has enabled thousands of experienced business people to obtain their Immigrant Visa leading to Canadian Citizenship.


The Quebec government published a Ministerial Order to announce the reopening of the QIIP. Here are the general guidelines:

   •    The intake period for the QIIP will be from 29 May 2017 to 23 February 2018.
   •    The maximum number of applications received under the investor category will be 1,900 with a maximum of 1,330 applications coming from China, Hong Kong and Macao.


To qualify for the Investor program, you must have;
   •    Business experience to justify legally obtained money;
   •    Have a legally obtained minimum net worth of $1600,000 CDN;
   •    Invest a sum of $800,000 CDN in the Canadian economy within a period of five years;
   •    Children age under 22 years.


Interested and eligible businessmen can apply for permanent resident in Canada as an investor under Quebec Investor Program in any of the following two options:

      a. FINANCE OPTION of CDN$ 220,000.00:

          On approval:  CDN$ 220,000 (from own source)
          Loan amount: CDN$ 580,000
          Return after five years : Nil

      b. CASH OPTION CDN$ 800,000:

          On approval : CDN$ 800,000 (from own source)
          Return after five years: CDN$ 800,000

NOTE: Following a successful interview with an Immigration Officer or if approved without a personal interview, the investor will be required to deposit the installment prior to the issuance of Quebec Selection Certificate (CSQ) by the Govt. of Quebec. Subsequently, the federal Govt. will issue Permanent residence visa.


Step 1: Contact ILCB to initiate the Immigrant Investor Program;
Step 2: Sign Retainer Agreement on payment of admin & other disbursement cost;
Step 3: Sign the Investment Agreement with a financial institution through ILCB;
Step 4: Submit all required documentation;
Step 5: ILCB submits the application to the appropriate Immigration Authority;
Step 6: ILCB assists the applicant with interview preparations. In due course, the Investor is interviewed by an Immigration officer;
Step 7: After the interview has been passed, the Immigration Authority grants an approval upon the deposit of the required funds;
Step 8: The Federal Government issues Immigrant Visa.


Quebec Govt. Processing fees:  CDN$ 15,235 for Principal applicant and family;

Federal Govt. fees:                Principal applicant          CDN$ 1050
                                             Spouse                        CDN$ 550
                                             Dependent child            CDN$ 150 for each
                                             Landing fee (RPRF)        CDN$ 980 for PA & Spouse