Eligibility of Caregiver


Male or female above 18 years old

At least 12th class education completed

Six months training as Caregiver

And at least 12 months work experience as Caregiver

Good in English (IELTS required) or French in day to day working

Eligibility of Employer

Canadian families can hire a foreign Caregiver to provide care, in a private residence, to children, seniors (65 years old or above) or persons with certified medical needs, when qualified Canadian Citizens and Permanent Residents are not available.



Registration for membership with ILCB Caregiver Program. Caregivers need to register with ILCB first. Yearly membership fee C$ 500.00

ILCB will publish member Caregivers’ particulars in its website to attract employers in Canada.

If selected by any employer in Canada, Caregiver will sign a contract paper with the employer of Canada either for childcare or elderly care in home for at least 24 months at a salary of minimum C$ 11.40 per hour for 30-40 hours per week.

ILCB will process LMIA on behalf of the employer (if the employer engages ILCB). Once done, the employer will send a copy of the LMIA to the Caregiver. Time frame for LMIA: 03 Months.

ILCB will process the Work Permit for Caregiver (employee) at the country where Caregiver lives (if the Caregiver engages ILCB). Time frame: 03 months to 06 months.

Canadian High Commission in the country where the Caregiver lives, issue Work Permit and the employee is free to move to Canada.

Fee Structure:


ILCB Fees:

1.      ILCB online membership fee: CDN$ 500 (Caregiver to provide for each year)

2.      Consultancy fee for Work Permit: CDN$ 2000 (Caregiver to provide)

3.      LMIA Process: CDN$ 3000 (Employer to provide for the process include advertisement)


Govt. fees:

1.      Canada govt. processing fee: CDN$ 155 (Caregiver to provide)

2.      Biometric fee: CDN$ 85 (Caregiver to provide)

3.      LMIA: CDN$ 1000 (Employer to provide)