Visitor Visa/Temporary Resident Visa

Visitor Visa/TRV: Visitor visa is a program that is absolutely temporary visa, i.e. the person has to return back from Canada at the end of visit.

Eligibility: A person, who have sufficient funds & net worth, employment, purpose of visit, rich travel history in his passport(s) and family ties in Bangladesh that he will back from Canada, can apply for visit visa/TRV. Letter of invitation is not mandatory but it’s a requirement.

Note: Immigration officers consider several things before they decide if you can come to Canada. You must be a real visitor to Canada who will leave by choice at the end of your visit. An officer will look at these things when you apply:

Your ties to your home country,

The purpose of your visit,


Sufficient fund,

The overall economic and political stability of your home country, and

An invitation from a Canadian host.


Step 1: Contact ILCB to initiate the Visitor Visa/Temporary Resident Visa Program;

Step 2: Submit all required documentation;

Step 3: ILCB submits the application to the concerned authority;

Step 4: After the assessment of Visa Officer, they issues positive/negative decision.


Fee Structure:


Govt. (Processing & Biometric) fees:  CDN$ 185 (C$ 100 & C$ 85) for each applicant;

ILCB professional fees: CDN$ 1,000 (1st Inst. C$ 500 at the time engagement & 2nd Inst. CDN$ 500 at the time of file submission).