PR Card Renewal

PR Renewal: A person who have permanent resident status and are in Canada, have not been asked by the Government of Canada to leave the country, and are not a Canadian citizen, may apply for PR Card renewal.


You should only apply for a PR card if:

You didn’t receive your PR card within 180 days of immigrating to Canada;

Your PR card is expired or will expire in less than nine months;

Your PR card has been lost, stolen, or destroyed; or

You legally changed your name and need to update your PR card.



Step 1: Contact ILCB to initiate the PR Renewal Program;

Step 2: Submit all required documentation;

Step 3: ILCB submits the application to the concerned authority;

Step 4: After the assessment of Visa Officer, they issues their decision.


Fee Structure:


·         Govt. Processing fees:  CDN$ 50 for each applicant;


·         ILCB professional fees: CDN$ 1,000 (1st Inst. C$ 500 at the time of engagement & 2nd Inst. C$ 500 at the time of file submission.