US EB - 5 Program

EB-5 Immigrant Investor Program Overview

  • Net Worth Requirement: US $ 1,000,000;
  • Investment: US $ 800,000
  • Fiancing Option: None
  • Citizenship Requirement: Physical residency of 2.5 years out of 5 years
  • Processing Time: 24 - 30 months
  • Visa Free Travel: 185 Countries

The US Immigrant Investor Program, also known as the “EB-5,” was created by Congress in 1990 to stimulate the U.S. economy through job creation, specifically by encouraging capital investment by foreign investors who wished to become American citizens. To qualify, they are required to invest a minimum of US$ 800,000 in a rural or designated high-unemployment area (TEA).

Once qualified under the program, investors receive conditional permanent residence visas allowing them and their families to live, work and go to school in the U.S.
The business or project must create or preserve at least 10 full-time jobs for U.S. workers within two years. When this condition is met, investors and their families, who already reside in the United States, may then become permanent residents and, three years later, apply for full citizenship.


  • Source of funds of US$ 800,000 of the applicant must be proven (standard checklist);
  • No requirement for Age, Business Experience, Education and Language;
  • Children may attend college/university at U.S resident costs;
  • No backlog for the EB-5 Visa Investor category.
  • Upon approval, a Conditional Green card is issued for a period of 2 years;
  • Conditional Green card is converted to a permanent Green card within 2 years in Permanent Residency for Applicant, Spouse and children under 21 (Permanent Green Card);
  • Applicant can become a U.S Citizen after 5 years of being a green card holder;

EB-5 Step-by-Step Process

Step 1: The Immigrant investor will answer the qualification questionnaire and complete the signature booklet and summit all documents for application.

Step 2: GreenAccess will qualify Immigrant investor's eligibility, and once accepted, the Client is promoted to a “Conditional Candidate Partner”.

Step 3: Once approved by GreenAccess, the Client will be required to transfer US$ 888,675   (limited partnership subscription-US$ 800,000, Administrative fee US$ 85,000 & USCIS Filing fee US$ 3,675). US$ 800,000 will be deposited into GreenAccess’ Escrow Fund Account in a US approved Bank.  The Client will then be required to sign the Subscription and Partnership Agreements, a Subscription Questionnaire and other required documents.

Step 4: GreenAccess will then assign the Client to our legal counsel, a highly experienced US Immigration Lawyer that will prepare and file the Form I-526 “Immigration Petition by Alien Entrepreneur” package to be submitted to the USCIS.

Step 5: Once the I-526 Petition is approved by the USCIS (after 4 to 10 months), the Client’s status is upgraded and they send the dossier to the US Embassy in the Client’s country of origin for the request for Immigrant Visa Interview. Rarely, if the I-526 petition is denied by the USCIS, the Client’s Full Capital (US$ 800,000) will be refunded.

Step 6: Once the interview process is completed and positive approval is received, the US Embassy issues the Client’s Immigrant Visa (and his or her family members); therefore, allowing them entrance into the United States to receive their conditional Green Cards (valid for 2 years).
Once completed, the Client and his family members are free to live anywhere in the U.S.A.

Step 7: Twenty-one (21) months after I-526 approval, GreenAccess Immigration Counsel will file the “Petition to Remove Conditional Status” Form I-829 with the USCIS, seeking Permanent Resident status (Permanent Green Card) for the Client and his family.

Step 8: After 5 years of being vested as a limited partner in the partnership, and after having held permanent resident (Green Card) status for that same period, the Client and his family may apply for US citizenship. Also, once completed, the Client’s EB-5 investment Capital of $900,000 USD will be refunded.


  • Govt. Processing Fee: US $ 1,600;
  • Visa fee bill after approval US $ 345 each family member;
  • Green Card fee US $ 220 each family member;

Mr. Sudhir Saha of ILCB is an Authorized Referral Partner of Florida Overseas Investment Centre's EB - 5 Immigration Investor Program.