Self Employed Program

Under the Self-Employed Category, the applicant will live and earn his livelihood in Canada on the basis of relevant experience and his potential to make a significant contribution in specified economic activities. Typical examples of persons who qualify in this category are:


Self-employed in cultural activities or in athletics;

Participants at a world-class level in cultural activities or athletics;

Those who have farm management experience.



Step 1.Contact ILCB to initiate the Immigrant Self-Employed Program;

Step 2.Complete a Bio-data form or send an updated CV to ILCB to obtain an Assessment of Qualifications free of charge (Example of form available in the Business Category);

Step 3.Sign the Retainer Agreement;

Step 4.Submit all the required documentation, Canadian Government Processing Fee;

Step 5.ILCB submits Immigration Application to the appropriate Immigration Authority;

Step 6.ILCB receives interview / waiver notice for the applicant;

Step 7.ILCB provides a comprehensive package of interview preparation guidelines and conducts mock interviews with the applicant;

Step 8.On receipt of decision of application by CIC (Canada Govt.), 

Step 9.The Government of Canada proceeds with medical, criminal background check and receives Right of Permanent Residence Fee;

Step 10.The Government of Canada issues Immigrant Visa.