Self Employed Program

Under the Self-Employed Category, the applicant will live and earn his livelihood in Canada on the basis of relevant experience and his potential to make a significant contribution in specified economic activities. Typical examples of persons who qualify in this category are:

Self-employed in cultural activities or in athletics;

Participants at a world-class level in cultural activities or athletics;

Those who have farm management experience.

Step 1.Contact ILCB to initiate the Immigrant Self-Employed Program;
Step 2.Complete a Bio-data form or send an updated CV to ILCB to obtain an Assessment of Qualifications free of charge (Example of form available in the Business Category);
Step 3.Sign the Retainer Agreement and pay 1st instalment of Professional fee;
Step 4.Submit all the required documentation, Canadian Government Processing Fee;
Step 5.ILCB submits Immigration Application to the appropriate Immigration Authority;
Step 6.ILCB receives interview / waiver notice for the applicant;
Step 7.ILCB provides a comprehensive package of interview preparation guidelines and conducts mock interviews with the applicant;
Step 8.On receipt of decision of application by CIC (Canada Govt.), Pay 2nd instalment of Professional fee.
Step 9.The Government of Canada proceeds with medical, criminal background check and receives Right of Permanent Residence Fee;
Step 10.The Government of Canada issues Immigrant Visa. ILCB receives 3rd (Final) instalment of Professional fee and file is closed.