Sponsorship Family Class

This is a popular method of bringing relatives to Canada as immigrants. Any citizen and permanent resident of Canada who is over 18 years of age is entitled to sponsor a relative on the condition that the sponsor sign an agreement to support or maintain the sponsored person financially for 3 to 10 years. In addition, the sponsor must demonstrate his financial ability to do so at a prescribed level. Normally, in cases of sponsorship involving spouses or children, the financial criteria are defined leniently. Persons who are in the Social Assistance Program may not sponsor relatives unless under special circumstances, such as urgent humanitarian considerations.


Typically, those who are eligible for sponsorship are: husbands and wife common law spouses; parents and grandparents; brothers and sisters; nephews and nieces; dependent children including those who are adopted, or in the process of being adopted, and under 18 years of age, and grandchildren who are under 22. The list of eligible relatives is somewhat ill-defined, so that careful scrutiny is required before processing and application.


There are two stages in processing a sponsorship case. First, a decision regarding the eligibility of the sponsor is referred by officials in Canada. Then, the eligibility of the person to be sponsored is determined by the relevant Immigration Officer (for applicants from Bangladesh, located in Singapore).


A favorable decision by the Canadian Government has recently broadened the criteria for sponsorship and made the requirements more elastic. The time required for adjudicating applications has been shortened, particularly for the sponsorship of parents. Pending a final decision, parents are permitted to visit Canada with a Visitor’s Visa.


ILCB has great success with sponsorship applications. Professional fee is $3000 CDN of which $1500 is payable upon being retained and remainder upon receipt of Visa. If documentation is in proper order and the information is genuine, there are almost no grounds for refusal of the application. ILCB provides a comprehensive list of the documents required for a successful application.


Eligibility Requirements:

For Sponsor:

Sponsor is member of family class over 18 years of age

Is a Canadian Citizen or Permanent Resident

Undertaking to financially support / maintain person sponsored

Financially able to maintain the person(s) sponsored


For Sponsored persons:

Is a family member i.e. husband, wife, parent, grandparent etc.

Is a dependent child or dependent brother or sister under 19 years of age and unmarried